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Al Arfaj Commercial& Imports Company is a specialized ambitious group operating as a leading family distributor and commission agent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition, the company is an importer and distributor of various cosmetic, nutritional and medical products for which Al Arfaj has gained recognition and secured exclusive distributorship agreements with a number of well-known   widely - renowned  international companies worldwide.

Over so many years, Al Arfaj Company has carried - out  various successful deals with key suppliers since its inauguration in the year 1970. It has witnessed great successes in marketing company - supplied products and has very effectively introduced its  suppliers to  trans-Arabia  Saudi markets.


About us

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Welcome to AL ARFAJ Commercial And Imports Company

Al Arfaj Commercial & Imports Company was established as a Saudi national company in Riyadh, the official regional capital of Saudi Arabia in the year 1970. The  company is presently headed by its chairman  Mr. Essam Al Arfaj s/o the late founder of the entity Sheik Mohammed Bin Ahmed Al Arfaj.

The company’s first branch was established in Jeddah, the main terminal on the Red Sea and the   entrance port to the Western region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and place of the two Holy shrines of Islam to which  millions of Muslims do come  yearly to perform Hajj and Umrah rituals and/or just to pay a visit to Makkah and Madinah on a regular basis.

Recently, a new trading branch, under the name of “Essam Al Arfaj General Trading Est.” was opened in Dubai,  United Arab Emirates.

Al Arfaj cic started business activity as an established Saudi national entity on 15 July, 1970. Its main   activity was to practice trading and imports within the following areas:

  • Textiles, all kinds of  men / women garments ( wool, silk, synthetic) run as a Commission Agency Business.
  • Curtains& upholstery textile,  general imports.
  • Blankets
  • Ready-made cloth for men, women and kids.
  • Carpets and moquette.
  • Investments / Stock dealings and transaction.

The company is considered one of the first leading commission agents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It enjoys a highly and very good reputation for most, if not all, of the deals and services it managed to offer so far.

Due to extended range of activity in the local market, and in view of the exceptional reputation it gained over the years, the company started to diversify its resources to the point that  we see  today.

Al Arfaj Company branches cover now all parts and regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


At present, the Company is active in  the following areas of business:

1. Commission, all fields.

2. Imports:   Started in the year 1983 in Riyadh and Jeddah. Then gradually extended to cover all   parts of the Kingdom. It mainly concentrates on product distribution to pharmacies, beauty shops and super/hyper markets. This division managed to pinpoint  and acquire international agency agreements and managed to solicit their products through  a wide range of locally- based customers and dealers. This field covers now the following dealings:

  • Baby milk and baby food.
  • Vitamins, herbal products, royal jelly as well as medical systems and supplies.
  • Mosquito killers and repellants; rat and roach; ant killers and insecticidal products.
  • Body,  skin and hair care products.


Activity 1 - Commission (all fields)

  • All Type of men/women Textile (Wool, Silk, Synthetics)

  • Curtains & upholstery

  • Blankets

  • Ready made clothes for men, women and children

  • Carpets and moquette

Our Company is considered as one of the first commission offices in the Kingdom in this field, with excellent reputation inside and outside the Kingdom, due to the good services offered to both importers and exporters.

List of companies represented in Saudi Arabia by the commission Department

Mitsui Indonesia


P.T. Classic Prima Carpet Industries Indonesia
P.T. Suryakarya Pratma Textile Indonesia
P.T. New Minatex Indonesia
P.T. Sinat Continental Textile Industry Indonesia

P.T. Daya Manuggal

Standeven Limited


John Foster Textile Ltd.


Penfabric SDN Berhad


Nishzawa Limited


Jean Co. Ltd


Jainco Exports India
La-Trendz Fabrica Pvt. Ltd


Jin Seokk Muslan Co. Ltd. Korea
Hanmo Silk Co. Ltd. Korea

Due to its activities and good reputation in the local market, the company started to expand and divert its activities. Currently we cover all parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The Import division was established in 1983. It started in Riyadh and Jeddah and was developed to cover all areas of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This field of activity serves pharmacies, beauty shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets.

The company got many famous international agencies and had succeeded in marketing their products and introducing them strongly in the local markets and become very competitive with other brands in Saudi markets.


Affiliated to the import division are the following sub-sections:

1- Medical Representative: (42 manpower)

This is one of the main subdivisions that have been created due to the requirements associated with the introduction and secure prescription of new paramedical, vitamins, nutritional products to hospitals, pharmacies and medical centers. It involves enhancement of major doctor awareness and product introduction for solicitation and marketing purposes. The subdivision is fully staffed with very well qualified and fully entrusted doctors and pharmacists to carry out their assigned jobs and projects in their field of business.

2- Sales: (54 manpower)

With an area manager for each operation location throughout the Kingdom, this section is fully staffed by experienced sales men and merchandisers to provide well arranged and cared for supply of various company items.

This comprises three separate sectors: General item sales, Medical Equipment Supply, Contact Lens sales and others.

3- Distribution:(24 manpower)

We are keen to perform and carry-out all assigned tasks and services in a speedy manner. Therefore , our service has been called “the speed delivery team”. We not only care for the products but also for the customers too. We provide in-house after- sale-services for our devices by well-qualified biomedical engineers and technicians.

4- Follow up: (12 manpower)

our strategy is not to go after mistakes and bad faulty behavior by others. We firmly believe and trust that our various divisions do understand their tasks and responsibilities very well.  However, we at alarfajcic:

  • Seek after new marketing strategies and all country areas for product distribution.
  • Collect information in regard to competitive products.
  • Try to solve and facilitate any marketing problems that confront our various divisions.

5 -Administration& Finance: (14 manpower)

It closely stays behind and support  all al Arfaj forces; there is an active supporting team working  round the clock to serve  all needs and requirements in an exceptionally high efficiency and vigor . Standing always on the alert are:

  • Import section G.M.
  • Deputy G.M. for finance and administrative affairs.
  • Warehouse &Marketing Manager.
  • Finance Manager.
  • Translation dept. Head.
  • Accounting Dept. Head.

6- Engineering (4 manpower)

Providing the technical support for our electronic products and to ensure the best use of our products and to provide support to customers including training.

7- Secretarial Section. (5 manpower)

Handles and performs all day - to - day secretarial assignments including official and non-official letters and memo typing, e-mail transmission, fax sending and receiving, follow-up and prepare all administrative and sales memoranda circulars as well as all administrative assignments as required on a daily basis, establish and follow up on the information data base for product sourcing and collection.

8 -Development & Registration/ Regulatory Affairs& Business Development (6 manpower)

As provided by Saudi business practice laws, and due to the requirements of fresh newly-   registered  companies and product registration matters at Saudi Food & Drug Agency we have opened a new section dealing with corporate product registration and regulatory affairs. In addition, we have opened and filled out some new female position(S) for Al Arfaj call center that handles, answers and/or refers customer requests and contacts to concerned department heads to appropriately deal with at various administrative levels.


Investment & Stocks

Investment and stocks Division

An entirely independent subdivision, that is mainly specialized and committed to the sale and purchase of free -hold - lands, buildings as well as stock dealing transactions in the stock exchange market.


UAE Branch

This branch was recently established in Dubai. It has the same activities as that of the head office.

Bank References

Banks References

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